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Enjoy some inside stories into my world beyond the clouds and enjoy some carefully put together short stories and pictures. To me, flying is more than just a job I try to put together the magic we experience up there every day.

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Flying the friendly skies since ten years makes me not only enjoy breathtaking views but als experience a world beyond the clouds. As an Airline Pilot based in Switzerland I get to travel and explore the world for a living.

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Story | Behind the Image: California Dreaming (April Image 2024) | 17APR24

After a little under 12 hours in the air, LX38 is about to arrive in San Francisco, the heart of the Golden State. During the approach, everyone on the plane’s left side has a breathtaking view of the city and its iconic Golden Gate Bridge. So always choose a window seat to get the best possible inflight entertainment.

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Story | Behind the Image: Across the Röstigraben (March Image 2024) | 16MAR24

The captain of this Airbus A320neo will soon make a smooth landing on runway 34 at Zurich Airport after a short hop from Geneva. Despite its size, Switzerland has four official languages. During this 30-minute flight, we cross the "Röstigraben", which marks the boundary between the French and German-speaking areas of the country named after a national dish.

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Story | Behind the Image: Snowed-in (February Image 2024) | 15FEB24

A passing winter storm has blanketed Zurich Airport in heavy snow, resulting in a temporary closure. Following the diligent work of the snow removal team, it is now time to resume flights. Before this Airbus A220 can take to the skies again, the residual snow on its wings and fuselage must be removed. It is patiently waiting for its turn at the de-icing pad, a bit like a beauty makeover.

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Story | Behind the Image: Landing in Winter Wonderland (January Image 2024) | 15JAN24

We are perfectly aligned for a touchdown at Kittilä’s runway 34, the gateway to Finnish Lapland. Situated beyond the Arctic Circle, this 2500m long runway is often covered in snow. The wintery condition presents an additional challenge to the flight crews, necessitating special procedures.

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Story | Behind the Image: Sailing above the Sand (Title Image 2024) | 15DEC23

On our way home from Johannesburg, we're witnessing a mesmerizing sunrise as the first rays of the new day illuminate the vast expanse of the Sahara Desert. Despite its stunning beauty, we traverse a desolate and inhospitable environment. We depend on technological marvels, such as GPS navigation and long-range communication systems, to ensure safe passage through this remote region of the world.

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Story | Behind the Scenes: PHOTO CALENDAR "UP IN THE SKY 2024" | 26OCT23

My 2024 photo calendar is now available for pre-order. Check out my Behind the Scenes story and take a closer look at the featured pictures and their story behind in this short article. It shows all 14 sheets of the calendar as well as all the text of the backpage. By ordering your copy you help to support the SWISS Kinderstiftung, a charity organisation taking care of children in need. Thank you!

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Now available for pre-order. As a novum, the latest version will feature a QR code on each page that unlocks exclusive insights into my daily adventures above the clouds. Simply scan the code to access bonus blog posts with behind-the-scenes stories. In my latest edition of the photo calendar "Up in the Sky", I have curated another set of my favorite aviation images featuring breathtaking insights into my daily life above the clouds and stunning views from the flight deck. Of course, it is again available in two sizes. So buckle-up and join me for a flight to the Arctic Circle, a breathtaking approach into a Greek Island or watch us land at Zurich Airport at night. The calendar will be available for shipping by the end of November 23. Get yours now>>

News | New Movie online: Only together we can shine | 18DEC21


Another short movie I produced together with my team at

For the 2021 festive season we got pitch to create a christmas movie for SWISS International Airlines. And this time, the motto eamwork makes a dream work came absolutely true. A dedicated team of crew and technicians made our fantasy come true. In the middle of the night at Zurich Airport and with this magic of lights, we lit up an airliner and created a special moment during a challenging time.

Story | Behind the Image: Automatic Landing | 02FEB21


"Behind the Image" tells you the story behind the images of my photo calendar "Up in the Sky 2021". My February image shows the last seconds of an approach at Munich Airport in thick fog that will be completed with an automatic landing.
Let me share some thoughts and give you some behind the scenes facts about how this actually works.
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Story | Behind the Image: Alpine Wingemen | 06JAN21


"Behind the Image" tells you the story behind the images of my photo calendar "Up in the Sky 2021". In January I take you along to the Lauberhorn Ski Race is the longest downhill run of the World Cup circuit and Switzerland's biggest annual winter sports event. As an established attraction, the Patrouille Suisse, Swiss Air Forces aerobatic demonstration team, performs a spectacular airshow set against the breathtaking alpine backdrop, often joined by an airliner. Read more>>



Fall keeps not only the pharmacies busy – also we pilots get challenged quite frequently. As summer enjoys some time off on the southern side of the globe, some impressive weather systems keep moving in and across Europe. These frontal systems are quite likely accompanied by gusting winds, dropping temperatures and gusty winds. The closer we get to the ground, the smaller our margins for errors get and gusty winds are among those factors not likely to ease a landing. Read more>>

News | New Movie online: Husky Run | 20DEC17


In the midst of central Switzerland, a passionate adventurer takes on a sled ride with his beloved dogs, the huskies. From the warm hut to the frenzied animals, they take on a sled ride through woods and snow. Yet another scarce passion pursued by many individuals worldwide. Its been a pleasure working together with Federica and Elias from and to see their passion for dog sledging. Head over to ther website if you wish to try this unique outdoor experience yourself. A short movie I produced together with my team over at on a beautiful winters day.

News | SPHAIR Special Event 2017 | 27OCT17


Every year young aspiring aviators get their first chance to get hands-on training and feedback for their future career above the clouds. This government-funded training program is called SPHAIR and the graduates of this year got invited for a special event that involved not only a scenic flight above the Alps and meeting our former astronaut Claude Nicollier. Enjoy this short movie I did together with my team at on a beautiful day in September.



Have you ever visited Zurich or Switzerland before? If you haven't let me take you along in one of my this years works together with photographer Alessandro Della Bella, Christian Mühlhauser and my team over at

Of course we will let you arrive in style and the good news for all Avgeeks out there is, yes its on the flightdeck. Enjoy this visual ride through Zurich.

News | New video online: Goodbye Avro - Hello C Series | 24AUG17


A few days ago the last Avro RJ100 aka Jumbolino left our fleet. Together with my team over at we got to create the latest video for SWISS Intl. Air Lines. Come along and take a peek into the hangar at night where the Avro meets his sucessor the Bombardier C Series and see what happens.




Flying through the night, while the world beneath us is at sleep, is a pretty common thing as a longhaul pilot. Late evening departures lead to far distant destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo or J’burg. Depending on the direction of the flight the crew and the passengers either have a short night up ahead if flying eastbound or almost eternal darkness if headed westwards.

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Being an airline pilot gives me the exclusive opportunity to catch views and sights not everybody gets to see often.

Among these rare moments up in the sky are sunrises and sunsets, something I can barely get enough. And as a rookie to long haul flights I am still getting used to those long nights aloft. But as an admirer of the blue hour, of course I get the sights I love the most.

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Not quite night, not yet night - The hours in between are almost endless when flying east-west. On two thirds of the flight, I occupy the right-hand seat up front, thundering through the dark skies in the middle of nowhere.

Its the loud 'ping' sounds, the constant chatting on the radios and the discussions with my colleagues, that accompany me through this moonless night...Read more>>