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Sales Wick, 31

Airline Pilot, Photographer and Film Producer based in Switzerland.

To Explore.

I've always been out and about. Exploring the world, travelling far-distant countries and cultures and creating new things. Having travelled all the seven continents except for Antarctica I am trying to find those hidden gems, these magical places we are forever longing to return to.

To Fly.

The world of aviation - a fascination shared by many. As an airline pilot for a major airline based in Switzerland I get to see the world for a living. After spending some six years flying shorthaul flights across Europe I moved on to fly longhaul in 2016 flying the B777 as a Senior First Officer.

To Visualize.

Putting my thoughts into words, crafting images of how I see the world and having you to enjoy this, is what makes me to push the limits everyday. And having the huge priviledge to combine my passion for flying with my creativity for a living has been part of my life since some time now.

To Realise.

Starting off by photographing the world the way I see it brought me into making films. I am Co-Founder and producer at SkyProduction.ch, a small film agency based in Switzerland. We are specialized on crafting moving images and telling stories.

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